Timeout in database api

Hello, I am using the PUT /api/database/:id

Could it be that it has a timeout of 10 seconds? You can increase this value

In the log it is observed

DEBUG middleware.log :: PUT /api/database/2 400 10,0 s (4 llamadas a la BBDD)

That looks like a 400 response which likely means there is something wrong with your request. The JSON payload could be malformed, you could be missing appropriate headers. What is the full response you get when you make the API call?

Hello, before the same request worked correctly. Now it fails with a code 400, the full message is:

HTTP Status: 400, Message: {"message":"Se agotó el tiempo de espera después de 10,0 s"}

We recently migrated the Postgres database to MariaDB. Errors increased.
At other times the same request works correctly.