Timeout to connect to Google Bigquery with metabase on a private network

I’m trying to connect to the Metabase running on a private network with google big query but
without success. When I perform the same setup on one machine in Google Cloud Platform, everything works fine.
My question is, what firewall permission on the internal network we need to be made to gain access? We have already tried to enable multiple google cloud endpoints but it didn’t work.
Are there any other settings that I need to do in this scenario? As I said, Google API credentials are OK because I can run locally or from google cloud engine.
The error log:

Can anyone help me?

Thank you in advance.

Hi @fparpinelli
Most of the time, when you get the error Timed out after 5,000 milliseconds, then it’s because the database host address/port in Metabase are incorrect or a firewall is blocking somewhere.
It’s quite difficult to give you an answer how to adjust your firewall settings without having extend knowledge about your network.