Timeout with Oracle and NO proxy

error "ORA-01013: user requested cancel of current operation\n",

Two metabase servers, one is running on Windows 0.46.7 the other on a Ubuntu Docker Host using metabase/metabase:latest 0.47.1

Error ONLY happens on the Docker instance. There are no proxies between either Metabase server and the Oracle DB server. All local to three subnets with no ACL's.

Any idea what might cause this since it's not proxied? Same db setup of course.

how much time does the query take? does the user leave the dashboard or question? what's the timeout at the Oracle level?

A couple of minutes, no they don't leave the dashboard, I am not sure about Oracle timeout, but the Windows install of Metabase doesn't timeout, only the Docker one. Everything in the app config is the same between installs.