Timeouts with one user but not the other


I have created a question using user A. I always run into timeouts after 10-15 seconds, when I try to visualize it.

"We didn't get an answer back from your database in time, so we had to stop. You can try again in a minute, or if the problem persists, you can email an admin to let them know."

A different user B (who happens to be an admin user) can run the visualization just fine, even though it sometimes takes two minutes to finish.

What's going on?

Running v0.43.3

Any help is appreciated.


To answer my own question: I was also using two different browser (chromium and waterfox-g3) with chromium probably causing the problem.

Hi @exo
Sounds like a browser extension is causing problems, not Chromium by itself.

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Spot on. There were only two extensions, but removing them seems to have fixed the problem.

Thank you @flamber!

@exo Can you share the names/URLs of the extensions? I'm curious what they are doing to cause such a strange problem. Almost sounds like some antivirus extension.