Timeseries Customization

Hello everyone!

Would it ever be possible to customize the labels and break intervals for the X-axis? This would suit so many occasions where you need to distinct the charts' dates but space (mainly dashboard one) is kind of limited and the method included with the Metabase does the trick no the perfect way.

I.e. Mr20, Mr25, Mr30 etc labels would do the needed trick in the first pic just simply being rotated and scaled down a bit. The year number is completely not needed within the exact question, but there is no way to turn that off. The ability to change the display settings would increase understanding of the date boundaries itself.

Or here, why don't use O21, N21, D21, J22, etc? That would allow questions with a wider dashboard date filters applied to carry more info in a still readable and understandable manner.

So I believe, DB-like approach might serve as the example, i.e. Postgres.

Many thanks

Hi @123
There are a few requests for something like this - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post of each issue:

It's been several years since these were first seen in Github and they are not about plotting but about some bugs and table formatting mainly based on connected issues and releases mentioning these issues. So I'll probably make another issue devoted specifically to this problem/request copying this forum thread.

Are there any ETAs on such or any other requests? Just out of personal curiosity and whether to wait for the feature, or to build dashboards differently using 90deg and categorial axis.

@123 There are more than 2000+ open issues. Issues are prioritized by several factors, among upvotes.

@flamber, completely understandable. Then to think of workarounds myself for now. Filed an issue, wish I'd been more into .js to have it done myself to create a PR.

Anyways, many thanks.