Timezone conversion

Hi Metabase Experts!

I’m a new user here and would appreciate anyone’s help. How do I convert a datetime value’s timezone to “US/Pacific” (PST) using the SQL query builder? The Snowflake database I’m querying uses the UTC timezone so I need to convert it from there. I’ve tried using the SET time_zone = ‘US/Pacific’ and having the SELECT statement below it but it appears that multi-select statements in query builder is not acceptable. I’ve also tried using the convert timezone but the outputted date is incorrect. Below’s query as an example just produces the same datetime.

select convert_timezone(‘US/Pacific’, cast(‘2019-04-12 01:41:05.475’ as timestamp));

I’m sure I’m missing something simple here. Apologies in advance if this topic has been posted before and I wasn’t able to find it!

My Metabase version is v0.32.8.

Thank you!

Hi @rolandta
I don’t know anything about Snowflake, but I can see there’s an open issue about timezones with Snowflake, where it incorrectly converts timezones, which is probably why you’re having this problem (if I understand your problem correctly)

Thanks @flamber! It does appear to be a known issue. I think what I need to do is manually adjust each datetime (by shifting it 7 hours back) to convert it to PST. If there are others here who know any tricks, please let me know!