Translation organization

Not directly to Metabase itself, but rather its translation process

Metabase use POEditor as a translation tool. However, while Crowdin or Weblate allows it, there's no way to organize ourselves through language teams : it's possible to create teams inside POEditor, but since we do not have access to other translator's email, it's painful to contact them through language comments.

Is it a way we could gather all active translators of a language in one place, either POEditor or an external tool like Discord ?

Hi @dynnammo
I don't even think we have access to the translators, since we communicate via POEditor as well.
It seems like there's now other projects, which has advanced more than POEditor, but changing system is not a small task.
Couldn't a topic in this forum be used for communication?

Far from me the idea to switch from localization tool, as you said, not easy (and also not a priority I think)

Completely, I think it's easier to use Discourse as a proxy for discussion. We could have a "Translation" as instance, with special tags for french, german, etc.

@dynnammo Try creating a topic for your translation and then we can see how that goes before we start creating categories (and sub-categories) in the forum.