Translations to Dutch

Hi There,

When using a trend card, the Dutch translation for

"Nothing to compare for the {previous year}."

Niets om te vergelijken {voor de vorige jaar}. is a very broken translation. We have some users using the app in dutch and complaining to us about it - could you guys please amend the translation to correct Dutch?

I'm a native speaker so if you need help: "Geen vergelijking met {vorig jaar} mogelijk"

That phrase is available for Trend Charts but latest releases have made some changes to the Trend charts which shouldn't show it anymore as an option! What version are you in? Try upgrading to 49.9

Also would you be interested to have a larger say around translations around Dutch? We can add you to our Open Source Translation project and you can fix all stuff around the Dutch Language

Thank you, Tony. You’re right, we are currently on an older version. We have planned the upgrade to the latest version, but we haven't implemented it yet due to significant changes in the API endpoints. I'll wait for the update to be ready on our side to see the newest results.

Feel free to add me to the Open Source Translation project, more than happy to help out.