Transpose columns to rows in metabase

How can I transpose columns 'Ds Hrc Shm', 'Ds Orc Cwp' ... into rows and also transpose rows inside 'sku' into column and keep the value inside to be the same

      SKU     | Ds Hrc Shm  | Ds Orc Cwp  | Ds Orc Mwp  
  DB-MIX-HTS     1               1                  1
  DB-ORC-TUS     0               1                  1


              DB-MIX-HTS | DB-ORC-TUS 
  Ds Hrc Shm           1           0
  Ds Orc Cwp           1           1
 Ds Orc Mwp           1           1

Should I write query using pivot / unvipot or any simple way to do?

Hi @Jaeng
Metabase does not have a transpose function: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
There's Pivot Table:
Otherwise you would have to do it in SQL.