Treat SQL query column as categorical, not numeric

Hi! I have a Metabase question that's written as a SQL query. This query returns one column in particular whose contents are a number, with values like 1, 2, 3, or 4.

When summarizing these results, Metabase bins them into bins like:

0.75 to 1.25
1.75 to 2.25
2.75 to 3.25

How can I tell Metabase to treat this column as a categorial, not continuous value (even though it does look like a number).

If it's written in SQL, can't you cast the value that you want as a category as a varchar?

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Thank you, @Luiggi! Indeed, you are right. I am pretty new to SQL, but with a little research I learned how to CAST(field AS varchar). Thank you!