Trend data

Hi there,
One good chart on a dashboard is the trend chart. Unfortunately, the trend chart only lets you compare current data with the data of the previous period.

Is there a way to compare say monthly sales with sales from the same period last year (or last quarter).

In cyclical businesses, this is far more important data compared with current month to previous month.

I tried to emulate such function with SQL but quickly becomes very heavy and partially impossible(labels cannot be customised then)

Thanks for the support

Hi @roestigraben
Think you are looking for this: - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

It’s possible to do static time comparison with Custom Expressions:

Thanks a lot, the 2nd link seems to me to go into the direction I want. Let me try this!

Hi flamber,

you mention up-vote. What is this? I will do it but pls let me know how :wink:

@roestigraben Click the :+1: icon in the bottom of the first post (the description) of the issue, where there’s currently 74 upvotes for this issue - you’ll need a GitHub account to do so.