Trend Line for Not-Time Based Graphs

Reading the documentation I see that trend lines are supported for time based series. Is there any support for trend lines for not-time based series?

Hi @jeffDeon
No, and I'm not sure how the logic should work if it isn't a timeseries.

Like any other form of line fitting. Similar to the trend line feature in Excel or Google Sheet. It’s just generalized logic to any data set that’s composed of X and Y points.

@jeffDeon Okay, so something that works on numeric X-axis? Don't remember ever seeing a feature request for that.

Yes exactly. I’m not sure exactly how it’s been coded for time series but it shouldn’t be too hard to standardize the logic to numeric X axis.

There are many examples online of how to calculate linear regressions. It’s a very standard operation on data sets.

This guide shows how to hack it in with SQL because it’s not support by metabase or redash.

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