Trend Visualization Can't show only year if Using SQL Query

I just want to create Trend Visualization Using Custom Variable to Filter It.
But The description of Time Frame it shows full of Date Format, i expected it shows only year ('YYYY'). It is different with metabase question that can show only year format.
if i using metabase question to make trend visualization, i cant create custom variable for filter it.

Is there any idea to deal with it ??

What version are you running? Also can you explain exactly what you mean by "using Custom Variable to Filter It."

My Metabase version is v0.49.7.

I use PostgreSQL and want to filter by year only, so I created a filter for the year as text using the WHERE condition in the SQL query. The problem is when I use the SQL query to visualize trends, the date format changes to the full date instead of displaying year only. is ther any workaround to solve this ?

can't you cast the date to a year?

no, i can't, i already trunc date as Year,

but it still shows full date.

If i Extract date as Year it return an Integer, It can't work on Trends Visualization because trends need date data type to visualize