* tricky questions *

Hi All,

I am trying so hard to find out how I can solve these 2 questions :
How many emails I send for each user per day.
What is the average of emails I send to my users (global) per day.

For information, I push daily notifications by email to my users. Some of them receive 0 email per day, others can receive more than 50 emails per day.

Here’s a screenshot that could halp to understand :
In Sent emails , i can see what users receive X ads.

user_id = the user
ad_id = the ad
created_at = when i send the ad by email
you can see in the image above there are 3 users
User 1 = 3549 has received 13 ads by email (the ad_id = 1 is just a special email, not an ad)
User 2 = 3548 has received 2 ads by email
User 3 = 3547 has received 2 ads by email

Any help ? That would be a really nice gift for Chirstmas :slight_smile:

Many thanks,


isn’t it an SQL related question? Or am I not understanding your question?

A simple group by (wether in SQL or in Metabase UI) would answer to your “tricky” question in both cases, I guess…

thank you for your return !
Maybe you’re right, but the thing is I don’t know how to answer to my 2 questions.

I guess my formula is wring because Metabase calculate the ad IDs and not the count of ads.
I’ve tried this but it doesn’t work :

Am I clear enough ? :confused:


As per your first question I guess the answer is this

While for the second you’ll need to elaborate better because with the data you have you can count how many emails you send, how many users you have but not the average of the number of emails, unless you write a SQL query on your own.

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