Trouble loading a GeoJSON map in Metabase

I'm having trouble loading a GeoJSON file into Metabase. I generated the file myself and have it on GitHub, but since I can't generate a raw file link, I'm trying to load the map into Metabase using Google Drive.
If I use the shareable link for the file as is, it tells me 'Invalid custom GeoJSON: does not contain features.' If I change the link as if I were going to upload it to QGIS (from: to:, it still says 'Invalid custom GeoJSON.' However, it shouldn't be a formatting error because it doesn't give me an error on GitHub and displays the map.

Does anyone know how I could add a new map from a link in Google Drive?

I think its because when you access the link it usually prompts some information before showing the file so probably metabase doesn't know how to interpret that ... Why don't you keep using the public github link?