Trouble upgrading Metabase on Heroku

Hi everyone,

I’m unable to upgrade my current version of Metabase on Heroku.
I used the “Deploy to Heoku” button from Metabase to initially create the app.
The version currently running is 0.23.1

I followed the instructions posted here:

But when I pushed to Heroku (last step) I got this error:
“Failed to detect app matching buildpack”

I’m not very familiar with buildpacks so I might be missing something simple here…

Any help would be appreciated !

We changed buildpacks back in 0.24 I believe.

Check out and specifically the line

heroku buildpacks:add

You can also do this through the UI in Heroku.
Go to your app, and click settings and there’s a buildpacks section

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Thanks Sameer; I found the issue by looking at your screenshot

the buildpack URL is:

heroku buildpacks:add

and NOT:

heroku buildpacks:add

There is a mistake on the third step of the upgrade instructions.


Were you able to upgrade metabase on heroku?
Every time i go through the instructions, it tells me to use metabase-deploy which hasn’t been updated in months. I have added metabase-buildpack as well.
Everytime I run
git push -f heroku master
It says “Everything up-to-date” but it did not upgrade.
Any help would be great!