Try to create view when connecting to Redshift but failed

I connected metabase to aws redshift. For the redshift user account, i have permission to create view, but when I query create view tablename as select * from existedtablename limit 100;
I got the following error message:
[JDBC Driver] cannot be cast to

does anyone have idea for this?
thank you so much

Hi @yhu
Which version of Metabase?
There’s some issues about Redshift and View - example this one:

Hi @flamber
my version of metabase is v0.32.8
I read the post and looks like they can create view using metabase.
not sure whether I keep getting the error message.

The error you’re posting, doesn’t seem to come from Metabase, but from AWS.
Are you trying to create view ... from the Metabase Native Query window?
If yes, then that’s the problem, since Metabase doesn’t allow such write/create access to the data sources. Metabase is an analytics platform, so it should only have read access.

thank you so much. it does help me a lot. Yes, I am trying to create view… from the Native Query window.
Do you think in the future metabase will allow write/create access. even though it is analytic tools, we still want power user to directly create view using metabase query engine.
Thanks for letting me know

It’s hard to know what the future will bring, but my guess would be “no”.
Currently I don’t see Metabase going in that direction - it’s more focused on the end-user.
And from a security point, you want to be very strict about what programs/users can modify your database.
You should give your power users direct database access, if you allow them to create views and other things.
EDIT: For reference:

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thank you for answering my questions!