Trying to access metabase cloud account

Hello guys
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I need your assistance ASAP..
I am trying to access my metabase cloud account for a long time but I couldn't. It says the password is INCORRECT. I don't know how to reset my password. The metabase that I used is open source and not application, it is a URI. I am not sure if I am admin or not.
This is the link which I'm trying to access

Could you please help me ASAP
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Hi @Asma
You're not using Metabase Cloud. You are self-hosting. You will need to contact the person who setup Metabase for you.

Hi @flamber, thank you for response..
The person who setup the metabase just sent me this message
“Do you need to reset the admin password?
Root cause: You have forgotten the overall admin password for a Metabase instance.
Steps to take:
If you are using Metabase Cloud, contact support to have your admin password reset.
If you’re the administrator of a Metabase instance and have access to the server console, but have forgotten the password for the admin account, you can get Metabase to send you a password reset token:
Stop the running Metabase application.
Restart Metabase with reset-password, where “” is the email associated with the admin account:
java -jar metabase.jar reset-password
This will print out a random token like this:
Resetting password for
OK [[[1_7db2b600-d538-4aeb-b4f7-0cf5b1970d89]]]
Start Metabase normally again (without the reset-password option).
.................. “
So he and I can't solve the problem
And when I tried to follow the steps to solve the problem, I dont know know how to apply where I dont have metabase App just URL
Can you help me to access my account

@Asma That's exactly what is written in the troubleshooting guide, so the person who has setup Metabase for you is not willing to help.
I cannot help you. It requires access to your server. Only someone who can access your server can do anything. Contact whoever you are paying money to.

I CAN access to the server, but after go to the server page where I have to go..
The serve ris on WHm website

@Asma You need to follow the guide I provided a link to. I would recommend that you get help from someone who's good at servers (or hire someone).

It's impossible to know how you've setup Metabase, but look in the application database table core_user to find the email addresses, so you use the correct one, when trying to reset.

After you have gotten access, then you should probably consider having managed hosting:

The person send me the 6 steps which can help me to reset the password, the first step is to stop running the metabase on the server, so I go to the process management option and kill the metanase.jar process.
Step 2 which is restart Metabase with reset password, I can't do it, I dont know where I have to write the admin account.

I think I'm near to the solution, but need your guidance please

@Asma You need to connect to the server console. It sounds like you are trying to do something via a webinterface. That is not going to work. Contact someone who knows how to run commands on a server.

When I go to the server website there is option for the sever console, and I can access it directly.
But After I access the console I dont know what commands should I write to reset the password for Metabase