Trying to create a table with "End of Day" balance

Hello, I'm new to Metabase and I don't speak SQL unfortunately. So I'm limited to the UI.

After some filtering to eliminate irrelevant data, I'm using the following grouping to arrive at this table (pic below)

What I want is the Balance value at the end of each day ("Timestamp: Day"). Right now, I have several rows per day because the balance changes throughout the course of some days. I'm trying to filter out the rows with balances that are NOT the latest value ("Time: Minute") of each day (Timestamp: Day). Does it make sense?

I'm unwilling to edit the query via SQL directly, partly because I don't know how to, and partly because I'd like others to be able to use that query later and edit it without using SQL directly.

I've been looking for a way to achieve this for a couple hours now... I was able to Summarize the data to only 1 row per day, but then I need to lose the Balance values for that... (see below) which defeats the purpose.

Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

Hi @ablito
Unless I'm misunderstanding what you're trying to do, just add a "Sum of Balance" to your last example:

Thank you for replying. "Sum of Balance" doesn't work because I don't want to add the balances from different times in a given day. I only want the value corresponding to the last balance of the day.

In my mind, I would need an option in "Summarize by" to say "just give corresponding value without modifying it" :slight_smile:

@ablito You would first have to get the unique lines you want to get, and then you join in the table again, so it gets the "Balance" from the join. Not great performance, SQL would be preferred.

@ablito I don't know which version of Metabase you're using, or which database type you're querying.
Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
But if you cannot get it to work, then SQL is the only way.

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@flamber It's Metabase v0.41.6, and the data comes from an API to a blockchain, it is divided in 39 tables. I don't have admin access unfortunately, so I guess I'm stuck... Thank you nonetheless I really appreciated your help