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I am new to Metabase. I have installed it on my Mac. I am creating Dashboards for my company. Metabase is very user friendly. I learnt that Metabase in Mac supports only one user. I would like to know if there any documentation on How to share dashboards created using Metabase to multiple users. The dashboard I create should be visible to all users and compatible with mobile and desktops. I would like to use some guidance.

First step is to deploy it to a server of some kind. Could be Windows, Unix or some variant of Docker. Makes no difference to functionality which you choose.
Go for whichever of those 3 options you have experience of, then read the install documentation. Once it’s all running, migrate the Metabase internal database from H2 to Postgress or MySQL.

Thank you. I hope we can also run Metabase on AWS as well. So for the confirmation, if I need to make it visible for multiple users, I have to host it on any server like AWS, Docker. And it is not possible to share my dashboard from my Mac. Is that right?

I’ve no experience of the Mac stuff at all. Personally, I like a ‘proper’ OS like Windows or Linux, but I’m just old.
If you go the Docker route, just make sure you have a proper database or you’ll lose the lot when you upgrade. Plenty of comments about this bit on the forum and on the install docs.

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Yes, the Mac App is to try out Metabase - or use it personally. If you want sharing or multiple users, then you should make setup a server.

Note that currently the Mac Application is not setup for shared use, so some Metabase features which involve the rest of your team won’t be possible.


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