Two queries in a question

New to Metabase and trying to create a specific question:

I have a “Scores” table that has columns: Date, playerId, teamId, data.
The question I want to create will show a bar chart that compares a player’s data (playerId filter)
to the average of his team’s data (teamId filter) in a date range (grouped by date).

I don’t know if it’s possible to create such question, seems like it should be two questions.
If so, is it possible to group two questions into one bar chart, so that each question data will be a column?

I’ve attached a demonstration of how I want it to be.

Thanks for the help!!

Yes. The two questions need to have the same X-axis (you have date).
Create two separate questions.
Add one to a dashboard.
Edit the dashboard
Top right of the question you’ll see:
That lets you add a 2nd question to the first.

Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

After posting I’ve seen this option,
it’s defiantly better than nothing, but I really need bars of the same x-axis value (date) to be one next to each other like in the attached example

Is it possible to set the questions like that?


Can you get all the data into one query? If not, you’ll need to write a view or some custom SQL.

It’s problematic with a single query,
player score data is filtered by playerId
team score data is filtered teamId and is ‘Summarized’ by average

Then it’s time to break out the custom SQL.
Your resultset needs to be something like:
month-year, playerScore, TeamScore

Just need to work out how to get your raw data into that format with the averages - shouldn’t be a big deal.

Thanks for the assistance!