Typical methods to expose metabase to internet

Hi there,

Right now, we’re running metabase on a remote server without exposing it to the internet. When we want to access it, we typically ssh tunnel into the server, and view the UI through the tunneled port.

I’m wondering how other customers typically expose metabase to the internet. Do people just have metabase.my-domain.com subdomains on their sites? It feels strange to expose an internal tool’s login page like that, but maybe that is the preferred way.

Wondering if people have suggestions.

We’re eventually planning on using embed functionality, so unfortunately the tunnel solution, or a vpn solution won’t work.


Hi @johnwiseheartcandid, Luis from Metabase here. Many customers use Metabase not only as a tool to answer questions with their data but also as a platform to provide their own customers with self service analytics (check this out https://data.color.com/) while having strict security controls.

For this, you can provide a public IP/domain to the instance you are already running or you can use Metabase cloud as well (https://metabase.com/start/hosted/) that will handle all for you.

I hope I covered all your questions

Hey @Luiggi,

Thanks for your reply - the dashboards that color have look cool. Do you happen to have any other public facing examples of metabase dashboards being used in the wild?


@johnwiseheartcandid There’s this as well https://coronavirus.regione.umbria.it/ and if you search the internet you’ll likely find more, but most use Metabase internally or integrate into their own application, which isn’t public as such.