UI customization in dashboards


I would like to know if someone can suggest - what options exist in Metabase for UI customization in dashboards?

For example, if I would build a dashboard for a final client and would like to customize it (assuming I would use a Premium Embedding licence) - are there any built-in options for customization (apart from Light/Dark switch)?

Eventually, is it possible to customize the CSS for a given Metabase dashboard? Or for entire Metabase deployment? I don’t mind getting my hands into CSS and this would probably be the best option for me, as customization is pretty much unlimited in this case.

Thank you,


Hi @candidtim , I believe that if you need to customize CSS of Metabase, you should clone their Github’s repo, create the CSS files with your configs and then build a new version of it.

If you need deep customizations in the Dashboard Look’n’Feel, I’d suggest you to use the embed feature of Metabase combined with an Open Source Dashboard template, such as Core UI . It may give more work to you but comes with flexibility you want. Another advantage of this solution is that you’ll still use Metabase’s conections and Questions handling features to display the charts, which will save you a lot of time on building your own dashboard app.