Unable remove or modify questions in dasboard

Metabase 0.32.5

Unable to remove or customize questions in the dashboard.
Nothing happens on clicking the setting icon/remove icon on the top right corner of the card.

No error message in the console. I even tried duplicating the dashboard but doesn’t help.
Any hint on the possible issue would be highly appreciated.

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What browser are you using?
I’ve had this intermittently with Chrome, normally it finds the mark eventually. Made worse if using Remote Desktop.

Google Chrome. Most recent version and I’m on a local pc.
Till last day, it was like I’ve to double click twice open the customize button.

I checked with firefox and it is working.
Thank you.

@arm Try incognito-mode in Chrome, just to see if an extension might be messing with things.

@flamber Tried in incognito as well. The issue persists.

@flamber When I’ve had this problem, it’s as though the click area is very small and needs to be clicked accurately. CTRL-F5 normally fixes it. Hard to replicate as it has been intermittent.

@AndrewMBaines I understand. Anyway I will use firefox for the time being and will update this thread if it get resolved in future releases.

I’m exploring this product and loving it. Not yet used in a production environment and hence the issue acceptable as of now.

The entire development team is sitting in Chrome, so it’s strange that you’re seeing this issue.
I’m on Firefox - and only occasional using Chromium.

There are a few open issues related to dashboard cards:

@flamber Thank you for the links.
So many are facing this issue. I checked the console but I couldn’t find any logs. Even checked the network, no requests are sent. Disabled “Grammarly” the only extension I use with Chrome. If I find any logs, I will share it with the team.

It’s happening with me, as well.

Windows 10.

Metabase 0.32.5 here and Google Chrome.

Private tab didn’t work. CTRL + F5 didn’t work.

Firefox worked, but I want to do it on Chrome.

Me too. 32.8. It works sporadically. 3 of us were all experiencing the same issue in Chrome Version 74.0.3729.169 (Windows 10). Read a bug report about Metabase thinking that the user was trying to move even though I am very accurately clicking on the Card Remove X.