Unable to add click behaviour to question created from MongoDB aggregation query


I have a dashboard created from mongoDB aggregation queries. 1 of the questions in the dashboard is a table and when trying to add click behaviour to it to update the dashboard filters the dashboard just exits the editing mode without showing the available fields/filters.

I'm able to add click behaviours to tables created from raw SQL queries and also line graphs created from mongoDB aggregation queries.

Is there any limitation for adding click behaviours to tables built from mongoDB aggregation queries or any additional steps required to make it work?

Metabase version 0.42.3


Hi @akash
Depending on the aggregation, then the field type can change, which means that Metabase cannot connect on matching filter. I've mostly seen it with dates returning the type/Instant on Mongo, which causes several problems.
One workaround could be to use a dashboard just with a single question. Not sure if it will work here, but it has been a workaround for other type-problems.

Hi @flamber thanks for your response. I did a bit more digging on my end and found that the click behaviour is working for my old dashboards using mongodb aggregations (see the first screenshot).

This dashboard has the email filter of type text and the question has a variable for email also of type text. This was built last year, and I believe the dashboard filters offered by metabase have been updated since.

I noticed since the filter types have been updated, I've been having issues with the variables mapping. Especially if I have a variable of type text.

My work around for getting the filter to work with my variables is to use a "dropdown" filter with the variable type "field filter".

Is it still possible to have plain text filters in metabase dashboards? That could help resolve my current issue when building new dashboards.

@akash Yeah, the new filters makes everything more complicated:
https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/20048 - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post
The old "plain text" filter are the same as "Dropdown".

Upvoted. Thanks for quick responses. Appreciate it.