Unable to add Database using API


We would like to manage Metabase databases using the API.
We use metabase v0.50.9 (we just switch from v0.48.9) with a Postgresql DB.
So, we add new database using the endpoint : https://www.xxxx.com/api/database/

The status code of the response is 200 but I'm not able to see the new database on the admin panel.

After some search, I found that the flag is_audit in the metabase DB is null for the new inserted database.
And in the metabase code, admin panel displays all the database with is_audit flag to false.

So, my question is : what do I miss in the API to get the is_audit flag set to false in the metabase DB ?

Thank you

I check the database schema and there is no default value for is_audit:

create table metabase_database
    id                          serial
        primary key,
    settings                    text,
    is_audit                    boolean,
    uploads_enabled             boolean                  default false                               not null,

You can have a look at the network tab and have a look at the preview of the API call itself

Just copy the payload from there

Thank you for the tips.

But I notice that even if I add a database using the UI, the database doesn't appear in the list.
And in the metabase DB, the is_audit flag is set to null for this new added database.

In the migration script of metabase, I saw that a default value has been set for is_audit for mysql and mariadb, but not for postgres.

So today, we are not able to add database using API or UI in our metabase with postgres.

I install a new fresh metabase install and the is_audit has a default value and is not nullable.

So I think that something happen in a migration as our metabase is a old install.

I fix it manually.