Unable to configure impala database

v0.41.1, Unable to configure impala database

but,Impala can be successfully configured before, the configuration page is like this:

Hi @beta

  1. Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
  2. Post which third-party driver and version you're using.
  3. Is the driver even compatible with the version of Metabase?
  1. First of all, this is not an error, it is directly missing configurable items.
  2. The drivers of the above two screenshots are the same, and My local driver has not been updated

@beta Okay, then open an issue in the driver repo.

The connection has been successful, it is recommended to add a prompt description in the input box


@beta Let me say it again, the driver is not part of Metabase, it is a third-party driver created by someone else. Open an issue wherever you've downloaded the driver.