Unable to connect filter

We are trying to drill down on our dashboard using multiple filters.

Our requirement is: Business division --> product category --> sales brand --> SKU code

I am not able to make the connections with the "sales brand" filter in our back-end for any column because the sales brand option isn't appearing in the drop-down menu for any element (please refer to image-2). I have added the sales brand columns to the table for each element (please refer to image-3) using the necessary custom query (please refer to image-4) but the software is not showing us an option in the dashboards back-end to connect the sales brand filter.

Will be glad if someone can help resolve this issue!

This is the image of the Dashboard for reference. Please note, the other filters are working!

Hi @Sarthak1999
Please post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.
What is the Field Type of "Sales Brand" compared to some of the other columns in Admin > Data Model.

Hi, i have checked the data type and it seems to work now. Thanks for the help!

@Sarthak1999 What was the Field Type set to? And what did you change it to?