Unable to connect to database after v 0.42.4 upgrade

I am running the docker v0.42.4 in an azure app service connecting to an azure postgres db just fine. I followed the instructions on the metabase site here

I have the connection string configured and working in 0.42.4 like so

MB_DB_CONNECTION_URI : postgresql://<user@server>&password=<password>&ssl=true&sslmode=require

I will break it into relative values to relate to the error below


If I try to use 0.43.0 or above, The app does not start and when I examine the logs. I see the following error

WARN postgresql.Driver :: JDBC URL must contain a / at the end of the host or port: 

it looks like the connection string is being parsed, and rebuilt incorrectly, as it is missing


I have tried with 0.43.0, 0.43.1, 0.43.3, 0.44.0
I think the @ symbol may be the culprit, but don't know how else to formulate the connection string.


Hi @Devon
Replace @ in the username with %40 or use separate MB_DB_CONNECTION_URI together with MB_DB_USER:

Thanks! I was so focused on the docker/azure aspect I didn't look into the basic postgres configuration side of things. Appreciate the help, and the link to the docs!