Unable to connect with metabase and Mysql database

Hello everyone!, I am new in metabase. Suppose my databse is located like http://ab.xyz.pqr.126/phpmyadmin/index.php (port is 3306) and matabase is stored http://ab.(xyz-1).(pqr-36).76:3000/ i.e. these two are in different IP address and different port. Now I want to connect these two. If I put all them in metabase for database connection then it shows following error:
Timed out after 5.0 s

Could any one help me.

I am waiting for your response.
Thanks in advance

Hi @pro_net
Your database is perhaps located on ab.xyz.pqr.126 port 3306. Not http:// and not /phpmyadmin/index.php
Check your firewall to make sure that the host ab.(xyz-1).(pqr-36).76 can connect to the database.

Hello @flamber, how to check firewall. Please help me

@pro_net I cannot help you with that - you need to contact your administrator or look in a forum dedicated to whatever OS and firewall you’re using - try stackoverflow.com