Unable to delete question from dashboard

I am running Chrome Version 87.0.4280.88 on OS X 10.15.7 using a Snowflake database. Metabase version v0.37.3-SNAPSHOT.

When I created a dashboard somehow I added a corrupted question, and now I am having issues adding filters and saving the dashboard. From looking at similar issues reported, I think the corrupted question might be the cause.

However, I can’t actually delete the card - there is no “x” like other cards and the message displayed is “Sorry, you don’t have permission to see this card.”

Is there anyway to get rid of it without recreating the dashboard?

Hi @dalderson
Upgrade to latest official release 0.37.4
I’m unsure what corruption might have happened in the specific question, but you can archive the question, which will remove it from all dashboards automatically.
If the corruption is more specific, then you might have to edit the application database table report_dashboardcard to remove the specific card (question) from the dashboard. Remember to backup before editing your application database.

Thank you for the feedback. I am unsure which question to archive as I can’t view the card - is there a way to tell which question this is?


@dalderson Yes, check the browser developer Network-tab to see the question ID of the request that fails.

Unfortunately, the box doesn’t appear to be an actual card from what I can tell:

Our DB team tries to avoid modifying the DB table records so I am going to go ahead and recreate the dashboard. Thanks for looking into this.