Unable to detect X axis variable

I made a question where I'm grouping dates by month (looking to get this as the x-axis), and sum of values on the y-axis. When i look at the output data table it looks fine, by which I mean that there are dates and values, with no empty values/sections. However I'm unable to create a bar graph as the system isn't detecting any variable for the x-axis.

The situation changes if I apply a filter below the grouping section, where I exclude all empty (null) values from the date column. If I do that then I'm able to select the date as the X axis. The problem with this solution is that I lose all the nice dashboard-level filtering abilities on the other columns that are in the model being used. If I look at the sql it's clear why this happens: it's because a SELECT statement is applied around the whole initial query, so the dashboard loses 'access' to the other columns.

I have also tried to apply a filter above the grouping steps to exclude any empty (null) dates. However this didn't help. The visualization is still unable to detect the date column as the x-axis.

This is the first time i come across this problem. All other graphs have worked so nicely, allowing me to apply loads of filters on the dashboard level. It seems like there must be something wrong with the handling of null dates here. For now I've had to be satisfied with just visualizing as a table, as that works. But would be so much nicer as a graph.

What version of Metabase are you on? Could you please share a screenshot of how your question is set up?