Unable to Export More than 2000 records

I am using Metabase 0.33.3 and facing an issue. I read that the visual display only 2000 records but the export should list more than 2000 records. The issue I’m facing is while exporting I get only 2000 records. Can anyone help me with this situation?

Hi @Suganesh
Which database are you querying?
How are you exporting? Is it from a question or from embedded dashboard or embedded question?
Can you double-check the SQL to see that it does not set a 2k row limit?
By the way, latest release is 0.33.4

Hi @flamber,

I am using RDBMS (SQL Server).
I am exporting through the question (Native Query).
I tried to insert the data into the temp table, while I inserting the temp table the data only inserted 2000 records. But my actual table has more than 2000 records.
Also, I didn’t set any row limit in my SQL Script.

So, Can you tell me how to solve this issue?

Okay, that is a specific MSSQL issue, where sub-queries and the like gets a forced limit added.
You can read more here: