Unable to Extract Date from Date Filter

Hi Team,

I am trying to extract the date from "Date Filter" which is created using a field filter. So whenever the user selects Today or Yesterday, or any options in the date filter I should able to see the date in the "Test1" column but currently I am getting "True" instead of the same data as created date columns. Currently, I am Metabase Version v0.44.6
Also used the below options but non of them worked

, cast({{date}} as Date) as Test2
, str_to_date({{date}},'%m/%d/%Y') test3
, to_date({{date}},'yyyy-mm-dd') as test4
, {{date}}::Date as Test5

, {{Date}} as Test1
where {{Date}}
limit 100

Could use please how can I extract it?

Hi, check out this post Any plans to support Date Range and relative dates in regular variable/filters? - #7 by DavidGrau

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