Unable to save Mongo-urls (connection strings) on the latest metabase version 0.48.X

We have recently upgraded our open source metabase application from 0.47 to 0.48.2 and later version but post upgrade we found a peculiar scenario where we are unable to connect to MonogoDB using the connection strings as it says connection failed.

Its say --> "Failed to connect to Database"

But with the previous version we did not face the issue.

Please can someone help us to resolve this ?

what was the previous version? where is the mongodb located?

It was 0.47.2 and now I'm using the 0.48.2 version and mongo DB is hosted on a different instance.

I've been trying this on several types of MongoDB's and I can't reproduce. Can you move to 48.8?

Sure, let me give it a try and confirm back.

I tried with 0.48.X to 0.48.8 and also the latest version that is 0.49.1 and still see the same issue:

What happens if you put the same connection string in a mongo client?