Unable to save question

hi all im running metabase ( JAR Version , hosted on Digitalocean )
version Metabase 0.35.3

but im unable to save questions ( it is random ) the same question some time is saved
other i receive an error on save

Hi @s.coppede
My first guess is that you’re using a proxy somewhere that is causing the problem - have a look at this:

simple ngnix for use https

i see only card error ( no result in query… but it is correct )

@s.coppede The error helped (you can also see errors in Admin > Troubleshooting > Logs). You’re seeing this issue, which is fixed and will be part of 0.35.4 (will be released next week, I think):

ok thank you
i solved by SELECT field ( not * )
then saved correctly and then changed again to * ( this time saved)