Unable to see export buttons in iframe

Hello everyone, first time writing on this forum, so sorry if it already exists, couldn't find it.
My problem is when I view my dashboard on a metabase site, export buttons appears there. However, when I add a dashboard as an iframe to my website, I can't see any export buttons. Moreover, when I add a single widget, export button appears. How can I fix it ? I'm using 0.46.6 version
Thanks in advance.

please post screenshots.

are you using static embedding or public links?

Sorry, can't post a screenshot. So what I've done is basically: I turn on public sharing for my dashboard, and use the provided url in iframe, I didn't add any parameters or smthn else. I can't see export button on my questions.
However, when I export only a question , not the whole dashboard in iframe it does have export button.

you can't export entire dashboards from an embedding

I don't want to export the entire dashboard, I want to export each question on a dashboard, but, I don't have an export buttons on questions.

on the first screenshot, my dashboard is on metabaseUI and it has export button, on the second one dashboard is on my website, and it doesn't have an export button.