Under which condition is a login notification sent?


we have some firewall related problems with Metabase in connection with some browser types.

After that unsuccessful login the user gets a notification mail like

My question is: under which condition is this notification sent?

Hi @florian.anwander
I doubt it's firewall related, and the users should not receive notification unless there has been a successful login.
The user is likely trying to login from a different computer.

When a user does a successful login, a cookie is stored in the browser, which is then matched on next successful login. If they don't match, then a notification is triggered.

Hi Flamber

Yes, the notification is not firewall related of course. The interesting thing for me is: appearently we have a successful login. Sometimes we see

but then immediately the connection is blocked

I only wanted to know the condition of this notification, because it might tell something about the following block.
Example: if the notification is sent, in the case a certain cookie is missing, this might be caused because the cookie cannot be set before the connection is denied.

PS: the login works like charm, if the browser runs in the same sub as the Metabase server.


Post "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.

I think there's something else going on. You'll need to check your browser developer console to understand what is being "refused to connect", since that could very well be caused by firewalls.

I don't know what "the browser runs in the same sub as the Metabase server" means. What is "sub"?

"sub" lost its "...net" in some copy paste rearrangement of the phrase :wink:

"Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting is a good hint. I always forget that.
And we asked our customer already for the browsers developer console.

It's after office hours in the evening here in Munich, and I will now celebrate "wedding" anniversary with my girlfriend (holy f****: 30 years) now.

More to report tomorrow.