Understanding if Metabase fits our use case

First off, there’s a LOT that I love about Metabase, the product, the architecture, and especially the open core business model.

I’m excited to use it, but I want to ask a few sanity checking questions about my use case before setting everything up.


We need to build (or embed) a handful of analytics charts on different admin pages that are specific to the authenticated user. Analytics like a chart displaying the number of API calls over the past month per hour or day. Or the average latency for a given API over a time period. Or the frequency of different HTTP response codes…

Our primary datastore is MongoDB hosted on Atlas.

If looks like this would be supported by Metabase’s embed API with custom filter parameters.


  1. Metabase seems to focus more on dashboards. Are these one-off charts Metabase’s strength, or would I be better off using a different solution? Or even building them in-house?

One advantage I see Metabase having here is that as our product grows in complexity Metabase could potentially be our go-to solution for these types of analytics.

  1. The Metabase branding would be a deal-breaker for us, but the $300 / month premium embedding isn’t remotely possible as it would cost more than our entire infrastructure put together. Is this targeted only at enterprise? Do you have plans to offer more affordable options for early stage companies, possibly based on volume?


PS this is for Saasify.

Hi @transitive-bullshit

  1. It sounds like what you’re describing would be possible with the current embedding.
    Currently dashboards have had a main focus, but there will be several new things coming this year that will focus on other reporting areas.
    It’s hard to tell if it would easier for you to roll-your-own.
  2. I would recommend that you contact sales in regards to licensing, but the pricing structure is targeted enterprises, since the open source version is usually sufficient for smaller companies.