Unexpected updates on field "report_card.updated_at"


For internal processes we track updates made on report_card by our data team.

For this, we use the API and the field "card.updated_at".

But for unknown reason this one is sometimes updated on some cards even if we have not made any change.

Is there any Metabase internal processes which generate an update of this field ?

FYI we are using the version v0.42.4

Thanks for your help

You should really consider about upgrading to 45.2 ASAP. If you see the same behavior after the upgrade let us know

Thanks for your answer.

Yes it is planned soon but we have some works to do before on our side.

FYI we have detected that the updated_at changs came from query execution so we have change our "updates" detection by looking at the far more logical "revision" information.