Unusual data sources with JDBC

I am new to Metabase and I am impressed with what I can do, but one of my primary data sources uses the Progress OpenEdge database. They have provided a great JDBC driver that I can use with Dbeaver, Jasper Reports, and Libreoffice just fine, but I can’t seem to find any way to use it with Metabase. Is it impossible to use any data sources outside of those in the list?


Hi @warehousedatawrangle

Currently there’s limited amount of databases supported currently, but the upcoming 0.32 will allow database drivers to be modular, so it will be easier for others to integrate a new database.
This should make it more plug-n-play, but someone will still need to write the driver, so Metabase can make use of it for all it’s awesomeness :slight_smile:

There’s an open issue about a generic JDBC driver, but I doubt it will be supported:

Here’s a list of all the requested databases - currently 60+ different - OpenEdge is not one of them: