Update dashboard cards via filters

Good day,

I have two (so far) tables on a dashboard. Both contain similar, yet distinct columns. I'm trying to figure out if it is possible for the filter that affects one table to update the selected rows in the second table to limit the results in the second table to be filtered by the selection from the first table.

The first table has a yes/no column indicating if the record is foreign or not. The second table which is from a second database, does not have this information. However, both tables do share a common "vendor ID" field. Thus, on a vendor ID filter, it returns the common record from both tables. So, what I'd like to see is where selecting "Y" for the foreign records in the first table will essentially pass the list of vendor IDs found and do a secondary selection in the second table, giving the same list of records in both tables. Is this possible and is this question clear enough?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Yes. linked filter should do the trick. the list of vendors in the vendor filter is limited by the Y/N in the foreign filter.