Update from 0.44.2 to broke dashboard layout

Hello, I did not find similar issues yet ; but let me know if it is already reported.

We updated today our self-hosted Metabase from 0.44.2 to (following Google SSO issues to login). The issue is fixed but all our dashboard layouts are broken (see picture, questions used to be side-by-side and wider).
The questions themselves are OK, it is the dashboard layout that is broken.
I don't have much more to share. Is this known? Is there a way to work around this (apart from manually re-building the dashboards)?

Update: Additional information
When modifying a dashboard and trying to save, we get a "Save Failed" on the UX. It is actually an error 500 with 'ERROR: column "sizeX" of relation "report_dashboardcard" does not exist\n'

Did you try to downgrade your version at some point?

Thanks that's it! Looking back at the deployment history, I realized we went on 0.45.1 at some point, then back to 0.44.2.
Thanks to it, we were able to find this Github Issue.
FTR, we decided to upgrade to the latest 0.45.x to get back on our feet, and it's working now.

Thank you for the hint TonyC.

Perfect! yes in-fact that would have been the workaround hehe or restore a backup before the upgrade