Update of the database never stops

Hello friends,

I'm using the newest version metabase with mysql.

Metabase runs with docker, while the mysql is outside the container, but on the same server.

I have enabled the daily database update to keep possible field values up to date.

The problem is, that this update connection to the database does not end. It's like an endless SELECT command. This keeps eine core of the server allways busy, which is not very good.

I guess that's because of some views inside the database which are really slow. However, I don't use these views in my metabase questions etc. Is it possible to exclude them from the daily update? Or there some other ideas how to speed up the update process?

@megrano simply deny access to the user you use for Metabase to those DB objects you don't want Metabase to scan :slight_smile:


Great hint! Thank you very much :slight_smile: