Update table from clicking on a chart in Dashboard

I've looked at help closely on linking one "card/question/filter" action to refresh another object in a dashboard.
But the step-by-steps seem to omit a crucial instruction for me.

At any rate, HOW do I do this?

I want to click on a chart point representing my different categories to act as a filter that updates my table above. So that, say, category value "highest praise" when clicked on in the chart now filters my table down to all records meeting that category.

Which is why my table includes both the key id of that record and its "category" column value/s. Both this table and the charts use the same sql query I wrote to skip over all the other columns in these records stored in just one table.

Right now charts using the Metabase GUI tool are creating a separate data point in charts for each record even when I ask for these categories to be grouped by themselves.

In other words I already have 21 records and the filtering by category is creating a different bar or line data point for Each-- even though in the GUI I've specified Group By the Categories themselves.

Metabase does not show me the literal SQL query being run after saving the revised "question". It only shows the original query that these charts and tables are based on.

How can I check the Saved query of the Filter Question itself to troubleshoot or to update it?

Thank you!

Hi @ThunderPoet
You can update a dashboard filter, when clicking the chart, and the filter is connected to the table.

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Thank you! That was what I needed.

I also found Subscriptions very useful, too!