Updating metabase docker image on EC2 [SOLVED]

Hi folks,

Just wondering - whats the best means of updating metabase docker image running on an EC2?

Is there any how-to’s around? Can’t seem to see any online.

Please advise. Appreciate it heaps!

Make sure you backup your config database first. If you have H2 file, download it. If you use * SQL, make sure it is separated from your Metabase container.

Then, update your metabase image. Restart your pod


Hey man appreciate the response.

  1. The config database resides in the docker. I backed up the whole docker though - tried committing the previous config to the latest build, ain’t working. Must be doing something wrong here.

  2. No H2 files.

  3. The SQL portion - after running and setting up the docker image, i can;t seem to mount a mapped file storage - any advise please.

  4. Ok - this part, downloaded the latest image and just ran a new container. How does one update it actually? Some explanation please if you don’t mind mate.

Thanks in advance.

H2 files resides on /etc/db/metabase.db if I am not mistaken.
So, my experience is I modified container script so that it won’t run metabase directly insted change it with tail -f /dev/null. Then I uploaded my old H2 that I’ve been downloaded, then change it back script again back to default so it will run Metabase.

My configuration is a container and a single persistence mounted on custom path for my updated Metabase


To add to what @ans4175 said.

In the :blue_book: Operations Guide page the “canonical” way of getting to a H2 db stuck in a container. I found docker cp is also useful to copy H2 database files from inside docker.

The guide should also have info on the recommended way to map a container to a H2 db on an outside volume.

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