Updating Multiple Filters With Click Behavior

Metabase Version: 0.39.4

I'm trying to have a click behavior that updates two filters. However the action of it clearing filters on a double click is an issue.

Effectively I have two tables in the dashboard with columns like:

Product | Client

Filename | Product | Client | Link

One Product can belong to multiple clients

So when clicking on the product I want to list all files associated with that product/client

On the first click this works well and sets the filter to the appropriate product/client

However if you click on another product from the same client it will remove the client and set the product. Rather than leaving the client field in it's place which is causing issues

Hi @nick-sbp
Try upgrading to latest release 0.41.3 and see if that helps.

@flamber We are at 0.41.4 version of Metabase and see the above mentioned issue. For e.g. We have a bar chart showing data categorized by Group and division. On clicking on one bar in the chart we expect the division and group filter of the dashboard to be updated based on the selected bar. The behavior is sporadic. When clicking on one bar it works and on clicking on the other one of the filters get cleared.

The WorkAround for this seems to be that we need to click on the bar again to clear the filter and then click on the next bar upon which the filter gets updated correctly. But for the users they have to do 3 clicks instead of 2.

Do you know if this issue has been addressed in any of the latest releases?

Try upgrading to latest release:
Sounds like you are perhaps seeing:
Otherwise look at the other issues:
If there isn't one matching exactly, then create a new with clear steps-to-reproduce: