Updating queries used in dashboards

I am looking forward to use metabase for making dashboards. Tested a small sample, but the issue i am facing is i am not getting any option to schedule my dashboard to get refreshed at certain time interval, the option for auto refresh works only while the dashboard is open, if i re open my dashboard the auto refresh is off. Can you please let me know if there;s any provision for scheduling of dashboard.

You need to add #refresh=60 after the url (for 60 seconds)
For example: http://jasperc:3000/public/dashboard/1#refresh=60
works the same on shared dashboards/questions too.

More at the bottom of this page: https://www.metabase.com/docs/v0.17.0/users-guide/05-sharing-answers.html

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Thanks for replying Andrew,i made a dashboard and i ave scheduled it at s daily level, using the scheduling option in database section, but the problem i am facing is that though my query is running only once in a day as per the scheduled time, still my dashboard is taking lot of time to load, is there any way to make my dashboard load faster.

The scheduling option in the database is nothing to do with the queries used in the dashboards. It’s for updating the schema and pick lists.

There are 2 options ( that I know of) to do what you want. Either cache the query (may need to reduce the time for the cache to take effect), or have something on your database that generates the result set on a schedule.
I’m a database guy, so would lean towards the second option.

can you elaborate the first option a bit more

what i’m looking for is some way to run the query at some point of time and store the data so that while opening dashboard data will load faster.

Caching won’t work then - it will be slow the first time, then faster for refreshes. More information here: https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/administration-guide/14-caching.html

I’d do something on the database. If you’re in SQL an indexed view (2016 SP1 unless you ahve Enterprise edition), in Oracle it’s a materialized view. No idea about other databases - you’d need to create a new table that is updated on a schedule to provide the data for your dashboard.