Updating through admin interface

I’m having some issues with google sign in, which I think updating metabase might resolve.

we’re setup on elastic-beanstalk, but my CTO did the installation and handles the backups.

CTO’s away, and I’m wondering what happens if I click the Update button on the metabase admin Updates page:

What happens if I do this?

according to the docs, I should do a backup before updating. (https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/operations-guide/upgrading-metabase.html)

is it safe to update using this method?

Hi @theo

It is never “safe” to upgrade any software, so always make sure you have backups.

And there are plenty of example of people incorrectly setting up Metabase on EBS or Docker, where they lose all data if the container is destroyed, because they weren’t storing the application database externally.

Metabase does not have a way to upgrade the instance from within Metabase - the Update-button is simply a link to the website - in your case, you should look at:

OK thanks :slight_smile: