Updating visualization legends

This is a custom question. Can i change false to inactive and true to active

https://github.com/metabase/metabase/issues/9312 - upvote by clicking :+1: on the first post

Can we get to know the underlying query for custom question?

@Anum https://www.metabase.com/docs/latest/users-guide/custom-questions.html#viewing-the-sql-that-powers-your-question

I am using mongo db

@Anum How would I know that, since you're not providing "Diagnostic Info" from Admin > Troubleshooting.

It's the same for Mongo.

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Thank you @flamber. I found the query. Can you suggest me how to add cases to a query.


For true, it should be active and for false it should be inactive

@Anum I don't know Mongo very well. I would recommend that you try searching the internet for how to do that.